Session 1

Date: Sept. 5th, 2014


  • Darren – Human(Quarter Orc) Inquisitor
  • Craig – Human(Quarter Orc) Paladin
  • Jeff – Human Oracle
  • Wiggins – Human Sorcerer
  • Terry – Dwarven Thief

Golarion Date: Lamashan 21, 4707

Morning breaks on the day of the Swallow Tail Festival. This day the new cathedral will be consecreated. Each of the players wakes in their respective locations. (At this point they have not chosen their character’s names yet, we started sort of half-way through character creation since it was starting to get a bit late. In this entry, it will be people’s names, after this, it will be character names. Terry was unable to play due to work.) Jeff wakes up in the temple, Darren and Craig in their home, and Wiggins in his home. They each ventured to the festival. Jeff’s character was a mysterious mystic that many people tended to come and see at the temple when they needed guidance but was considered odd outside of there. Wiggins was avoided due to an unfortunate accident when his sorcerer powers emerged when he was younger. Darren and Craig are two brothers who’s faith is unshakable and they seek only to enjoy life and right the wrongs they see in the world.

The opening ceremony gets underway with the speeches being done. Mayor Deverin opens with a poke at the local workaholic, Tanner Larz. After her speech she wishes the people of Sandpoint a great day and hands the floor to Sherrif Belor Hemlock. In his usual demeanor, he brings the mood down with talks of safety and crime prevention. He then calls for a moment of silence for those lost in the Late Unpleasentness fire that claimed the previous cathedral. Lonjiku Kaijitsu unsurprisingly doesn’t make a speech. Everyone knows his view on festivals like this. Next is Cyrdak Drokkus, who uses his theatrical experience to brighten everyone’s mood and also gets in a plug for his newest production “The Harpy’s Performance” who is starring a famous actress from Magnimar. Father Zantus concludes the speeches with a thank you to everyone for their help and declares the festival open.

Darren and Craig who are known around the town as “competitive drinkers”, live up to their reputation by challenging half a dozen people to a drinking contest. Darren wins without realizing Craig has passed out, as he turns to cheer with Craig he sees him passed out on the ground and laughs at him. Jeff wanders around the festival unsure of what to do since he very rarely ventures from the temple. Wiggins also wanders around while noticing that people are still avoiding him as though he was someone dangerous or diseased. While this has taken a toll on him, it is not all that surprising and he has grown accustomed to it.

The day passes by and evening sets in, the time for the consecreation is upon them. Father Zantus takes the stage and grabs the crowd’s attention with a thunderstone. He begins his speech but a few moments later screams and gibbering laughter are heard.

Goblins have attacked the city. During the battle, the players manage to join forces to help defeat the miniature menaces. Dealing with a few small packs and a larger pack of pyromaniacs leave the PCs exhausted. They get little time for rest as they hear more problems to the north. When they approach they see the goblins have a noble surrounded. The commando escapes from the battle but the PCs manage to save the noble Aldern Foxglove. He thanks the PCs and promises a reward when they meet him at The Rusty Dragon next time he sees them. He also makes a few flirtatious passes at Jeff’s character. (At this point Wiggins headed to bed since he had to work in the morning, we continued.)

After the goblin assault is dealt with, the players rush to The Rusty Dragon to obtain their reward. Unfortunately Aldern is nowhere to be found. Craig and Darren take this opportunity to have another drinking contest which neither one wins and they end up passing out. Jeff and WIggins retire to their homes and Craig and Darren are put in one of the side storage rooms with their bedrolls to prevent their goods from being taken and from them getting in other patron’s ways. Upon waking up the following morning, the brothers are severely hung over as they attempt to eat a hearty breakfast. Aldern comes down just as Jeff enters the tavern. He offers Jeff breakfast and the brothers convince him to have a drink with them despite the fact that Aldern isn’t much of a drinker except for the occasional glass of wine.

He rewards the PCs with a small satchel containing 50 gold and offers to take them on a boar hunt. The players enthusiastically agree to join and proceed to the Tickwood forest south of the town to hunt a boar. After a short stop at the Goblin Squash Stables where he buys a horse for each player, they enter the Tickwood Forest. They locate a boar after a brief time and manage to take the beast down. Darren received minor damage since he thought it would be a better idea to go head to head with the beast instead of just attacking it from range.

Upon their return to the Rusty Dragon with their kill, they meet the proprietor of The Rusty Dragon: Ameiko Kaijitsu, daughter of local noble Lonjiku. She compliments them on the beast and offers to cook it up for them. Due to its size they will return the following day for a great feast. At this time, Ameiko’s father storms into the tavern demanding to see his daughter. It is shown very quickly that the two of them do not get along. When Lonjiku tries to force his daughter to leave, Craig and Darren intervene. They eject Lonjiku from the tavern after Ameiko bashes him in the head with a soup-filled ladle. This was in reaction to Lonjiku’s disowning of her and claiming she was dead to him.

The following day the PCs have noticed that their actions at the festival haven’t gone unnoticed. Darren and Craig seem to be attracting more attention from the ladies than previous. They are approached by one in particular: Shayliss Vinder. She coaxes Craig to accompany her to the basement to help deal with a rat problem. Darren is left to his own devices and heads home. Shayliss has other plans when they reach the basement and seduces Craig. Before anything can happen her father Ven comes down and catches them in the act. Shayliss pleads with her father that Craig forced himself on her. She was trying to rid the place of the rats when he tried to have his way with her. This throws Ven into a rage as he forces Craig to flee, but not without having his jaw knocked around first.

When Craig gets home he lies to Darren and tells him that she wants to see him now. Darren heads to the general store where a furious Ven informs Darren that Craig and he are no longer welcome in his store and if he ever catches Craig near his daugher again it will be the last thing he does. Darren attempts to cool the situation but Ven is too filled with rage to hear any of it.. After a heated argument Darren leaves the store.

The two of them spend the next couple of days figuring out ways of playing pranks on Ven. They end up egging his house a couple times and when they run out of eggs, they employ Jeff to obtain more eggs from the general store. Jeff, who is uncomfortable in social situations like this begins to spin a tale of how the temple is “out of eggs and he wants to make a nutritious breakfast and eat with the priests”. After about 20 minutes of laughing at Jeff’s excellent performance of an uncomfortable oracle attempting to lie and stutter, the game continues.

The brothers then encounter Amele Barett, a local mother with her two children. The oldest, Aeren, has severe bite marks on his arms. She is frantic as they have just discovered that there is a goblin hiding in Aeren’s closet. Her husband Alergast went after the creature but has not been heard of. Amele fled the house in fear when Alergast went to confront the creature.

The players enter the house and discover the body of Alergast brutally mutilated by the starving goblin. He had killed the house dog Petal and then the father and began to eat him in a starving fit. The brothers confronted the goblin but this commando proved to be more of a challenge than they could handle. He managed to knock both brothers out, but didn’t want to kill them since he was more concerned about escape. The goblin figured if two were here already, more were on their way and he needed to get out. He managed to escape the town unnoticed.

Jeff, hearing the news of the injured child, made his way to the home. There he found the brothers on the floor. He assisted them in getting on their feet. It was at this time that the sherrif approached the players. He informed them that Amele will be taken to the cathedral until her family from Magnimar arrives. However there are other matters that he asks their attention to. The local ranger Shalelu Andosana has arrived and had some disturbing information to report. The Sherrif figured the players would be an asset in this investigation so he brought them into the fold. After the meeting in the town hall where she shared her intelligence on the goblins, she accompanied the players to the Rusty Dragon for a meal.

Session 1

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